The Kanye West "MAGA" debacle never ceases to amaze the liberal media. As reported, the unaired clip where he defends his right to grace the SNL stage with a "MAGA" hat, did surface. He begins to describe the weight of his actions as a well-timed balancing act, but to whom, for whom and at what cost is the question.

Apparently, the slight alterations Kanye has made to the hat render it "positive." Kanye insists, "It's my hat now!" in footage uploaded by Karen Civil. In the video, Kanye explains the doctrine of "MAGA" to the SNL ultras in the background.

Swizz Beatz, who for all intents and purposes is in "Album Mode," was going about his late night prep when the "MAGA" hat showed up in his news feed yet again. His photoresponse is a little difficult to make out. Is he resting his hand over his ear as a sign of tiredness, or is there a phone inside his hoodie ready to pounce on an intervention hotline?

Either way, Swizzy found a creative outlet for his Kanye-fueled resentment, through metaphor and by plugging his upcoming album -- yes he did: "we must face our POISON in order to POISE ON! Enough is enough."

Cultural critics have also taken up the discourse, and they too are quite incensed, some even suggesting the "MAGA" template is nothing more than a well-placed gimmick. Tariq Nasheed believes the "MAGA" is an intentional ploy to distract people from the fact that Yeezy "is falling the hell off."

Of course, Candace Owens was also on hand to even out the discussion. Her belief is that Kanye West has demonstrated sheer bravery in posting a disparate message on live TV, even at the risk of being spotted with a 0/10 fit, as Broazay accurately described this after Yeezy mismatched a Kaerpernick jersey with his altered "MAGA" cap.