Kanye West recently held an two-hour interview with fashion website SHOWStudio. He ranked 808s & Heartbreak and Yeezus way above My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in his own canon, and he delved into more personal topics, including his wife, who is white, and his two-year-old daughter, who is biracial.

When breached on the subject of interracial love, West said that he has always been attracted to white women (and vice versa), but that he has had to overcome a deeply instilled stigma against interracial relationships that was taught to him at a young age. 

"I think that other races are really attracted to each other, and always have been...but I was taught to never, you know, bring a white girl home when I was, you know, eight years old. But I liked white girls. I like black girls too, but I also like white girls...It was such a taboo."  

West believes that "the world is mixing" and that the natural attraction among different races will overcome the divisive, politically-motivated taboo that bothered him at such a young age.

Watch the full interview below.