Kanye West only tweets on rare occassions (and often after he's done, the tweet gets deleted), so when he does tweet, it's scrutinized to the max by the blogosphere and media. Today happened to be one of those days.

'Ye tweeted out a date this morning: June eighteenth. Although it's not clear what exactly we can expect to happen on that date, rumor is it may be the date Mr. West's highly anticipated album is dropping. This might make sense, given that we recently heard the album, which he worked on in Paris, was finished. Apparently Def Jam even had at a listening party for it.

But, then again, it could perhaps refer to something Pusha-T-related, with My Name Is My Name dropping July 16th...but it seems more likely it's Kanye-related-- if not an album release date, maybe it's a single release date? A baby birth date?

According to Elliot Wilson's tweet, it's 'Ye's album release date though. What do you guys think? 

Guess we'll find out on June 18th!