Soon before the dramatic release of his latest album, Kanye West entered into a short-lived beef with Wiz Khalifa that rocked the rap world. It all started when Kanye revealed his intent to call the album Waves before settling on the final title of The Life of Pablo. Wiz thought the initial title of Waves was disrespectful of the incarcerated Max B, the Harlem rapper who has long been a purveyor of a "wavy" style of hip-hop. However, it was an ensuing Wiz tweet, one that contained no beef at all, that caused Kanye to clap back, as he believed Wiz had used his wife's initials in vain when he was really talking about his signature weed strand, KK. 

Before Wiz could clear up the confusion, Kanye embarked on a vicious rant against Khalifa that ran upwards of 30 tweets. Along the way, he made inflammatory remarks about Amber Rose as well as the child she and Wiz had together in 2013. Less than a week after his lengthy outburst, which will forever go down in Twitter history, Kanye revealed that he and Wiz had shared a positive conversation that seemingly put the beef to rest. Wiz was weary of sharing the details of their reconciliation, but he, too, confirmed that there was no bad blood between him and Ye. 

Now, Kanye hasn't exactly reopened the beef, but he has revealed that his infamous tirade against Wiz, Amber, and their son was apparently all a big joke. Kanye and Kim sat across from John Legend and Chrissy Teigen on a recent couple's edition of Khloe Kardashian's reality show "Kocktails with Khloe," and during their friendly conversation, Kanye recalls being asked by a certain woman to apologize to Wiz Khalifa for bringing his child into their back and forth. The request caught Kanye off guard because he didn't feel that his words were serious enough to even warrant an apology. 

"And I was just thinkin' like, I did not feel like thinking about that today!" explained Kanye, before revealing, "I was joking. It was like a really funny joke to me." Revisit the long-winded Twitter exchange here, and tell us, do you think Yeezy was joking the whole time?