Kanye West is a man with grand ideas, and more often than not, he tends to realize them one way or another. And though some have been critical of his delivery, as evidenced by several notorious quotables during his recent Presidential campaign, others have been curious to see where Yeezy's next move ultimately takes him. And from the sound of it, he's looking to make amends with a few old enemies, all in the name of a greater good.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Yesterday, Yeezyasked for a public apology from both Drake and J. Cole, two artists who have taken shots at him over the past few years. And while that request feels relatively unlikely, it would appear that Kanye remains adamant about staging a collaborative discussion of sorts. Today, he took to Twitter to double down on his big idea, once again inviting Drizzy and Cole to the table -- as well as Kendrick Lamar, with whom he collaborated on Life Of Pablo standout "No More Parties In LA." 

"We need Me J Cole Drake Kendrick all in a room 2gthr," writes Yeezy, picking up exactly where he left off. "It’s time to get free... we will not argue amongst each other while somebody we don’t know in Europe is getting paid and putting that money in a hedge fund." Clearly, he has big ideas about ownership in the music industry, and a gambler might surmise that he intends on brainstorming said ideas with some of the game's biggest cultural influencers. Perhaps, if anything could bring old foes to the table for reconciliation, it's the prospect of changing the musical landscape for the better. Especially in an age where ownership, and overall longevity, have become a recurring topic of importance. 

Check out Kanye West's open invitation to Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Drake below.