After dropping off his Paul McCartney-featured single “Only One” at the top of the month, all eyes have been on Yeezy’s next album and when we’ll get to hear more new music from it. Well it seems like we maybe closer to hearing new music than we know as Billboard is reporting that Yeezy played a new Rihanna-featured smash last night at iHeartRadio's music summit in Burbank, California.

Before playing new tunes though, Kanye put on a 45-minute speech, where he spoke about his evolution from soul beats to working with Daft Punk and adding EDM elements to his music. He also spoke about comments he made at Governor's Ball in 2013 where he claimed that he didn't want to be on radio anymore saying "I was joking! Of course I want to be on the radio!"

But the main highlight from the evening that has everyone talking is Kanye’s upcoming record with Rihanna, which is described as an acoustic guitar and a "massive hook and chorus." Kanye then slammed his laptop shut and walked offstage to a roaring applause, according to Elliott Wilson.

Check out a few IG posts from last night’s event.