Kanye West's latest album, The Life of Pablo, has dominated the headlines for much of the year, and it's not done yet. Surprisingly, only one track off the album has received a music video. Released near the end of last month, that video -- to Pablo's lead single, "Famous" -- has already established itself as one of the most talked about and controversial visual statements to reach a mainstream audience in recent memory. Showing a naked Kanye and Kim lying in the center of a massive bed, flanked with the naked wax figures of Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Taylor Swift, Ray J, and several others, the "Famous" video is proof that just about everything Kanye does turns into an inescapable spectacle. There will be heightened anticipation surrounding Kanye's next video, and Kim has just revealed that said visual could be to the Pablo track "Highlights," which features Young Thug

The "Highlights" video was apparently shot in April, during a family trip to Iceland. It was revealed that Kanye shot a music vid during the Iceland trip on tonight's episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." On the show, Kim shared details of the video shoot, which apparently was situated on a glacier that was only accessible via helicopter. Kim never explicitly stated that "Highlights" is the video in question, but Kourtney confirmed that the video shot in Iceland is to her favorite song on Pablo, which she revealed to be "Highlights" shortly after the album dropped. 

In April, it was reported that Kanye had shot the video to the Pablo track "Waves," which features Chris Brown, on the remote Isle of Skye in Scotland -- perhaps during the same European trip on which "Highlights" was filmed. Regardless of which one comes first, Kanye's next video will include some stunning landscapes.