Last night, at Yo Gotti's album release party, was quintessential Kanye West.

Kanye premiered a new song featuring Sampha. It was very good. But before he premiered the song, he went on a 9-minute rant about Taylor Swift, Media Takeout, the whole Amber Rose/buttplay thing, Louis Vuitton, and TIDAL. He did all this while standing on top of the DJ Table, with Yo Gotti swigging Ace of Spades to his right.

Kanye has already taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on Taylor Swift and the "Famous" lyric. He expanded on these thoughts last night at Las Vegas' 1 Oak.

"I talked with my wife about it, and I said, 'How do you feel about this line Taylor?'" Kanye told the crowd. "She said, 'Oooh, Kanye, I like that line!' Then she won the award and said something completely different!"

"And Media Takeout," he continued, moving on to his distrust of the media for advancing Amber Rose's #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch narrative. "Nigga, stop trying to make up stories... they never stick a finger near my ass, I don't play like that!!"

He went on to mention that Louis Vuitton pulled out on a deal, and let the crowd know that they should be prepared to boycott LV if he gives the word. Then, the TIDAL portion of the rant:

"Do you know what Hov had to go through to make music for y'all?" Kanye said. "Y'all have Blueprint 1 but y'all act like TIDAL wack. That man fought to buy a streaming company."

"Bro, we changing the paradigm right now. If y'all love me, if y'all love Hov, if y'all love the music that we made for y'all, I need y'all to sign up for TIDAL tonight and change the paradigm."

He then launched into the new joint with Kanye... watch it all go down below.