During her time in the spotlight, Kim Kardashian has suffered many wardrobe malfunctions. Some have been intentional and others were certainly not planned. The way that Kim has learned to manipulate her sex appeal to generate sales is truly second to none. Perhaps only her sister Kylie is competing for the crown. When she suffered a "nip slip" at her family's Christmas party this week, it's safe to say that she wasn't expecting it. Kanye West was so glad that it happened though and he decided to express his satisfaction with Kerwin Frost.

Frost documented what went down at the party and he captured the moment Kardashian suffered an "oops" moment while sledding down the hill. Her outfit may not have been the most appropriate for tobogganing. Given the fact that her gown decided to uncover her chest for a moment before she adjusted, she was probably hoping she wore snow pants and a sweater. 

Jenny Anderson/Getty Images

When Kerwin Frost approached Kim and Kanye after the "nip slip," Kanye was more than happy to bring it up in conversation. Kim was pretty sly as she stepped aside to "adjust" but Ye couldn't contain himself. "Wait a second, now you gotta ask her a ridiculous question" barged Kanye. "She had a nip slip at the Christmas party. I was waiting for the nip slip and now I'm satisfied," he said before walking off.

Would you expect anything else from the superstar? Check it out at the 21:25 mark.