There is nothing on the Jesus Is King album that would make us believe that Kanye West is about to go through with this but, there is a chance that Sunday Service could be moving from religious infrastructures to booty clubs... The mastermind behind Yeezy has made it abundantly clear that he is no longer "enslaved" to the culture, noting that after living the majority of his life for the devil, he's now proudly serving Jesus. This switch has been shocking to some but, for others, it's incredibly refreshing. A whole new crowd of people have had their eyes opened to Kanye's genius through JIK. In case he wants to revert back to his "devilish" ways while still working as a mercenary for God, a New York City strip club has got him covered.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Reaching out directly to HotNewHipHop, the vice-president of Sapphire Strip Club in New York confirms that an offer has been sent to Kanye West to bring his Sunday Service ceremony to their space. Their reasoning behind the invite stems from Ye's long-lost love for adult entertainment and, considering the fact that he's brought Sunday Service to mega-churches, prisons, and arenas, they're "praying" that the strip club is next.

Andrew Zarlan, VP of Sapphire, sent us a copy of the offer letter, which reads:

"Given your affinity for adult entertainment, we wanted to extend you an offer to deliver your free faith-filled concert in a new venue and to a new audience of Gentlemen's Club entertainers, service staff, and more. We'd love to open the doors to our 39th Street location in midtown Manhattan and have you and your choir grace us with your presence."

The club is very serious about making this happen. Do you think there's a chance Kanye accepts?

Rich Fury/Getty Images