Those who've frequented Kanye West shows know that all the exhilarating live music will likely be met with improvised on-stage theatrics and a few open-ended monologues. That's proven to hold true in the early stages of his current "Saint Pablo" tour, which hit Boston last night (Sept. 3). After performing "Runaway" on a mobile stage suspended above the audience, Kanye was inspired to share some of his thoughts on the topic of self-love. This sermon is particularly touching, showing just how beautiful his unique perspective can be sometimes. The entire audience rejoiced when, toward the end of his speech, he reminded them, "It's a good year to be a Kanye West fan." 

The piano continues as Kanye drove home the idea that loving others begins with loving oneself, harmonizing and breaking into song along the way. 

"Why not start figuring out ways to change the way we treat each other?" he pondered, "The way we talk to each other, the way we talk about each other. To love each other. You know it starts off with self-love. We have to love ourselves before we can love anybody else." 

He also blamed the media for stripping people of their innate capacity for self-love: 

"And the media from day one, from when you were little ass kids, they teach you not to love yourself. They take something out of you and they try to sell it back to you...Something that you’ve been fighting for your entire life that’s taken from you as a child. That you always had inside of you. That’s self-love." 

Kanye then cooked up an auto-tuned hook on the spot, one that epitomizes his whole being. "That's why I love you so much," he sings, "'Cause as everybody knows, I love me so much." 

He finished talking by implying that his music is an even more effective tool in relaying the power of self-love. "That's the light version of the shit I be making, though, by the way."