It looks like Kanye West is following through on his plan to run for President of the United States after all.

After conflicting reports broke out about a member of Kanye's team stating that the rapper was "out" of the field, new documents were filed that point to quite the opposite.

Anybody that believes that Kanye is just pulling a prank and isn't actually running for President should wake up because, as reported by TMZ, he has now completed the all-important second form for the FEC, which confirms that he has raised or spent over $5,000 in campaign-related costs. The completion of this form means that Kanye has now been brought up to candidacy level under federal campaign law.

Brad Barket/Getty Images 

The name of his political committee is "Kanye 2020" and he will be running for the Birthday Party, which has now been shortened to BDY. 

In addition to the new form that West filled out, he also submitted paperwork to get on the ballot in Oklahoma. He paid the required fee of $35,000 to get on.

Unfortunately for Kanye though, his chances of winning the 2020 election are already incredibly slim. His first polling numbers indicated that he would grab about 2% of the vote, taking more people away from Donald Trump than Joe Biden.

He has already missed the deadlines to run in several important states, including Florida, South Carolina.

Will you be voting for Kanye West?