Kanye West and Beyonce's little sister are in some trouble after they allegedly ripped off Leroy Mitchell's 1970 song "If We Can't Be Lovers."

The reports are coming from TMZ where Leroy, also known as Prince Phillip Mitchel, is claiming that Solange's "Fuck The Industry" and Kanye's "Everything I Am" both pulled samples from his beat. 

Leroy's suit claims that Kanye and Solange committed the infringement knowing very well it was his original song. Although both of the songs from Kanye and Solange weren't chart-topping numbers, Leroy wants to halt all performances and radio play and is seeking punitive damages. Listen to Leroy's song below as well as Kanye and Solange's apparent renditions. 

In other news for Kanye West, he executive produced Teyana Taylor's upcoming album that's in the final stages before its release. "The album is actually done, just waiting on some minor tweaks and whatever last minute switches or edits and a green light from Kanye and should be good to go." she told Oyster Magazine. "Mr. West is EP-ing my entire album — you guys will just have to wait and see what magic he’s created!"