New York Giants safety Kamrin Moore was arrested in New Jersey this past weekend over an alleged incident that occurred last Thursday evening. According to reports by, the unnamed woman who Moore had been dating for six months claimed that she texted Moored but he didn't respond to her. She then showed up at his home, but upon arrival, she was greeted by another woman who met her at her vehicle. The women engaged in a verbal argument before it turned into a physical altercation. A witness stated that Moore just stood by and watched as the two women fought. He reportedly only stepped in once the first woman—the one who was texting him—fell to the ground in the fray.

It was then, according to a police report, that Moore put his foot on the woman's neck and wouldn't let her up. When she was finally able to get back on her feet, she pushed Moore in anger. This caused him to allegedly punch her with such force that she was knocked unconscious. The woman didn't immediately call the police to the scene after she regained consciousness. She reportedly visited a local police precinct on Saturday to file a complaint. A friend of the woman took her to the hospital for treatment and police described her injuries as including "bruising, swelling and abrasions."

The New York Giants tweeted, "New York Giants safety Kamrin Moore was arrested over the weekend in Linden, New Jersey, for an alleged domestic violence-related incident. Moore has been suspended by the team pending further investigation." The 22-year-old NFL player has been charged with third-degree aggravated assault.