Just a few hours ago, it was officially revealed by numerous networks that Joe Biden had been elected as the next President of the United States of America. These results were inevitable based on the trends over the past couple of days although many channels decided to wait it out as they didn't want to declare anything too prematurely. Now, however, it is clear that the American people have spoken and that they have decided that Biden should become the next United States commander in chief.

His Vice President is Kamala Harris who will now be the first woman and person of color to take the office as VP. This morning, Harris was on a run where she was being escorted by Secret Service members. It was here that she was alerted to the fact that Biden has been declared the President-Elect. In the clip below, Harris could be seen congratulating Joe and sharing some kind words with the man she will be running the country with.

Harris' victory alongside Joe Biden is historic and many have already provided their reactions to it all. While many Trump voters will certainly be upset by the results of the election, it's clear the majority of Americans are happy with what has just transpired.

Over the coming weeks, Trump is expected to contest the results although it still remains to be seen how far that will get him.

Kamala Harris & Joe Biden

Drew Angerer/Getty Images