Donald Trump just took the biggest L of the decade. After poppin' his sh*t for four years straight, it turns out that a whole lot of Americans were motivated to get him out of the White House. Over the past few days, tensions have run high throughout the country as ballots have been counted and today, CNN confirmed Donald Trump will be seeing his way out of the White House come January 21st. At least, we hope.

Joe Mahoney/Getty Images

Just hours before CNN confirmed the news of Biden-Harris' win, Donald Trump continued to disparage the voting process. He's clearly in a state of delusion and not able to accept defeat, largely due to the repercussions that will likely follow. Trump "predicted" voter fraud would take place during this year's election. And at the top of the day, he proclaimed that he won the election, "BY A LOT." Like the majority of Trump's claims, there was nothing to back it up. And of course, Twitter labeled it suspicious information.

Immediately after the results were announced, "By A lot," "You're Fired," and "Bye Trump" began to trend as American citizens celebrated Biden's win.

We're sure a lot of people will be celebrating today.