The 2020 Presidential race is heating up and everywhere we look, there are reminders of the corrupt political system in the United States and the desperate change that needs to be had for the sake of future generations. Donald Trump is representing the Republican side, hoping to spend another four years in the White House, while Joe Biden is currently the favorite to be elected on the Democrat side. 

Kamala Harris was recently announced as Biden's Vice-Presidential pick but people are joking that, because of Biden's age and his seemingly non-existent ability to speak coherently at times, Harris is basically running the show. She even slipped up during a recent press conference, referring to Biden's campaign as "a Harris administration with Joe Biden."

Republicans on Twitter are using a specific clip of Kamala Harris reportedly referring to "a Harris administration with Joe Biden" to mock the Vice Presidential nominee. Even Eric Trump, the President's son, shared the video, saying that she "let the truth slip."

While this was most likely an honest mistake, something like this is just what the right is looking for to back up their narrative about the man they call "Sleepy Joe" and how he is unfit for office.

As the election nears, we're sure there will be more moments like this one that end up going viral on social media.