Save for a few loose drops and videos things have been relatively quiet when it come to K Camp for a while now. The hit maker, known for anthem-caliber tracks like “Cut Her Off” and “Comfortable,” took a notable hiatus and according to him, it was all because of a bogus contract.

Now in a new clip, the singer-songwriter stood on the steps of a mansion equipped with a bottle of celebratory champagne to announce to the world that he is officially a free man.

“Blessed day for me. Everybody wants to know where K Camp been, [saying] K Camp fell off, K Camp this, K Camp that. It’s because I was stuck in a two-year mother-cking contract, and today is the mother-cking day I’m out that bittch,” he said as he popped open his bottle of champgne. “I’m free, bitch.”

There are no concrete indications as to what contract K Camp is referring to, or what the stipulations were that would have prevented him from fully exploring his artistry in the past couple of years. Back in 2014 he inked his first major deal with Interscope Records, dropping his debut EP In Due Time with the imprint, and at the time of this writing, he is still listed as an artist on the label’s roster.

Nonetheless, his newfound freedom has also prompted the Atlanta native to announce that he has a new project on the way this summer. “It’s only right,” he penned in a tweet.