Somehow, the Canadian icon Justin Bieber has managed to secure a Latin Grammy, due to his involvement in the Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee assisted "Despacito Remix." As one of 2017's biggest songs, it seemed inevitable that "Despacito" would take home a Latin Grammy, which marks a first for the Biebs. And while he did secure a win for "Despacito," Bieber wasn't actually present at the ceremony; he ultimately decided to skip out on all things Grammy until the completion of his new album. Unfortunately for the Biebs, his new Latin Grammy never ended up reaching him. Instead, the award was accidentally sent to Carlos Escalona Cruz, producer of Marc Anthony's children's album Marc Anthony For Babies. 

Cruz received Bieber's "Despacito" award in the mail, and subsequently expressed his shock to TMZ. Being the man of integrity that he is, Cruz immediately informed the Grammy powers-that-be in an effort to rectify the mishap. They apparently apologized to Cruz and vowed to send the award back to its rightful owner - Bieber. Therefore, it stands to reason that Justin will be reunited with the fruits of his labor in due time.

While some, like Post Maloneworry that Bieber has been spending too much time in the real-life equivalent to GTA V's "Altruist Cult," it appears that the Biebs is in a good place mentally. The singer recently got back together with Selena Gomez, much to the dismay of the Gomez matriarch, and seems to be enjoying a little bit of time away from the spotlight. Stay tuned for more news on Bieber's upcoming, untitled album.