Justin Bieber just can't seem to catch a break. First, people were accusing him of not loving his wife Hailey Bieber which forced him to pen a lengthy statement telling haters to please stop. Then, he caught heat yesterday when he used an image of Diddy and the late Kim Porter to promote his clothing line. 

As for today, Justin is now being slammed by a number of Twitter users who are calling him insensitive and disrespectful for his April Fool's joke. Justin posted an image of an ultrasound hinting that he and Hailey were expecting. Next, he shared an image of Hailey at what looks to be a doctor's office showing her tummy, with a caption that reads: "If U thought it was April fools."

While some users may have laughed at the joke, others clapped back. "It’s absolutely sickening that Justin bieber can sit and make an April fools joke about Hailey being pregnant and not get one bit of grief because he’s famous? People commenting “genuis“ just makes it even worse," one user shared, while another added: "Don’t get me wrong, many of you know I have loved Justin Bieber for years. But him joking on Instagram that his wife is pregnant is insanely insensitive and tasteless given his platform and how many women struggle with fertility. Grow up."

Check out more reactions below. Do you guys think Justin should issue an apology?