Justin Bieber may be cleaning up his act this year, as no criminal acts have been reported in quite some time, but he's still paying for his past actions. Last summer, he was involved in a collision between an ATV and a minivan in Ontario, and was arrested after he "engaged in a physical altercation" with a paparazzo, reports CTV News. He was charged with assault and reckless driving, and in a hearing today, he pleaded guilty to both.

The assault charge was discharged, so he was only ordered to pay $750 (in Canadian dollars) for the driving charge, but it'll also remain on his record.

The incident was described by Bieber's lawyer:

"He came over to the side of the vehicle where one of the photographers was holding a large camera. There was some physical contact...it was described that Mr. Bieber was swinging at him, grabbing at the camera, that could have been three times at the most."

Sounds like a pretty standard altercation between the paparazzi and a celebrity to me.