If you've ever wondered what Justin Bieber would look like as a woman, today is your lucky day because, with a little photo editing, Justin showed off his newest personality. Enjoying his weekend at Coachella and catching some of the hottest musical acts in the world over a three-day run in Indio, Justin may have been inspired by Beyoncé's awe-inspiring performance because he looks to be morphing into her. Naming his alter ego Rachel Bieber, Biebz showed off a photo of himself as Queen Bey, leading his fans to laugh in unison in the comments section.

Following the Coachella festivities, it was feared that Justin would face charges for getting into a fight. However, he will reportedly not be in any further trouble for the incident, turning to Instagram instead to have a little fun. Photoshopping his head onto a photo of Beyoncé's body, Bieber amassed an absurd amount of likes in less than 24 hours of posting. Clearly, fans wanted to see Bieber cosplaying as everyone's favorite pop star because the photo has gotten nearly 4.5 million likes since it was posted. While only a fraction of Bieber's 98+ million Instagram followers double-tapped the post, Justin's Beyoncé tribute is bound to rack up a few more admirers before the sun comes down.

Beyoncé made history becoming the first black woman to headline Coachella, also breaking live stream records on YouTube. Although her performance will not be streamed this weekend, "Beychella II" is bound to be another show for the ages.