Beyonce has been elevated beyond the status of mere mortal. You've no doubt heard all about her acclaimed Coachella performance, which had audiences of all ages, races, and genders enraptured. Perhaps you might have been in attendance, or perhaps you found yourself tuning in to the official Coachella livestream to catch her set. Should you fall into the latter camp, you are but one of many. In fact, a staggering 458k simultaneous viewers tuned in to catch Beyonce in action, which set a new Coachella record.

In fact, Bey's numbers are the biggest since the festival kicked off their livestream eight years ago. Moreover, the massive rise in viewership marked a massive #75 percent increase in last year's headliner, Lady Gaga. All things considered, Coachella's livestream is looking to be on the upswing, with 43.1 million streamers across 232 countries, as per TMZ. Seems like Beyonce fever is at an all time high; it seems like any and all negativity directed toward "the queen" will be met with hostility, ostracizing, and worst-case-scenario, beheading.

Granted, it should be noted that Eminem put an embargo on the streaming process, so we'll never know if Em might have beat her record in the end. Either way, congratulations to Beyonce for blazing trails and withstanding the test of time. It's not easy to unite the masses, but it would appear the world was indeed ready for this jelly after all. Catch Beyonce on her tour alongside husband Jay-Z, once On The Run 2 kicks off in June.