That's right. As Drake's first-ever No. 1 single is currently wrapping up its second week at the top of the chart, the only other Canadian who can rival his stardom has come through with a soon-to-be-released remix. When it drops, Bieber's "One Dance" remix might rival the original for the worldwide song of the summer. 

Bieber's "One Dance" remix was played for the first time at a party this weekend -- a highly exclusive party attended by the likes of Gabrielle Union, who went on Snapchat to capture the scene while the remix was being debuted. A screenshot of Union's snap has been obtained by Complex (see above), and her caption reads, "Justin on Drake remix ... 1st time heard anywhere."

Luckily, actual footage and accompanying audio of the remix getting played has been provided by less famous party guests. Check out the two clips below. In the second video, the DJ can be heard saying, "This is the first time anyone is hearing this." It sounds like Khaled.

The last time the two Canuck heartbreakers teamed up for an official collab was on "Right Here," off Bieber's 2012 album Believe. Late last year, Bieber remixed another smash hit of Drizzy's, "Hotline Bling," though he never gave his version a proper release. Instead, he had fans call up an actual hotline to hear the goods. Unfortunately, that number is no longer active. Hopefully fans will get to enjoy the "One Dance" remix for the entire summer.