If they were trying to hide it, then they're doing a lousy job of it thus far.

Following her breakup with R&B singer The Weeknd, Selena Gomez fans had been hard at work speculating that it was because the "Fetish" star had rekindled a little something with former flame (and potentially back to current flame), Justin Bieber. Though their last romantic relationship ended because of reports that Bieber was immature and that Selena wanted a real man to treat her right, it would seem as though time has healed all associated wounds, as per a new TMZ report.

According to pictures obtained by the media outlet, Bieber and Gomez were seen strolling arm in arm through Los Angeles Wednesday morning (November 1st), with the look on the former Disney channel fixture saying it all. Bieber, wearing a red hoodie and shielding his face from the paparazzi initially, he and Gomez later partook in a bike ride and enjoyed the balmy fall weather out in California. If there was any doubt beforehand, these new photos seem to put those to rest and show the world that the two star-crossed pop star lovers are back on as a couple.

[Images courtesy of TMZ]

This isn't the first time they have been spotted together over the past couple of weeks. We reported that, following Selena's kidney procedure, Justin has not only spent time with her, but he's even hung out at her Los Angeles home land stayed until the later hours of the night. Another sighting saw the pair getting breakfast yesterday morning in Westlake Village before heading to church for some spiritual release. No official word from either the Bieber or Gomez camps yet to confirm or deny this, but chances are that we might hear something sooner rather than later.

The Weeknd doesn't seem to be bothered by his newfound single status either. He was videoed getting friendly with a young woman at a nightclub on Monday, followed by the news that he was actually the one who ended the relationship between him and Selena. I definitely feel it coming, and by it, I mean some rebound action for both of them.