Justin Bieber made a bizarre proclamation on Twitter a couple of weeks ago when he said he would be interested in a UFC fight against legendary actor Tom Cruise. At first, Bieber simply dismissed the Tweet as a joke but now it seems as though this fight could actually be a reality as it has been reported by TMZ that Bieber actually agreed to the bout. The agreement came about in a supposed secret phone call where UFC President Dana White got to talk Bieber's manager Scooter Braun. Braun allegedly told White that Justin is 100 percent down to fight as long as Cruise would be too.

The fight would certainly be an interesting one although it might be a little one-sided when you consider the fact that Cruise is 31 years older than Justin. Bieber is 25 years old, while Cruise is 56. At 5'9" Bieber is actually two inches taller than Cruise which would certainly be an advantage when it comes to reaching in the Octagon.

Then again, Cruise has been in plenty of action movies and probably has a lot more combat training then the pop star. No one will truly know until they fight each other but at this point, it probably won't happen any time soon.