Zack Snyder, who directed last year's Justice  League, is gearing up to adapt another beloved piece of prose. The filmmaker will bring Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead to the silver screen, after having teased his involvement in the project back in 2016, telling The Hollywood Reporter "I have been working on The Fountainhead. I’ve always felt like The Fountainhead was such a thesis on the creative process and what it is to create something. Warner Bros. owns [Ayn Rand’s] script and I’ve just been working on that a little bit."

Now that Snyder is free from any contractual obligations to helm another DC Comics project, the director can focus upon another literary epic. Social media account Vero effectively confirmed his latest cinematic intention with a simple tweet. 

As of now, there is no concrete evidence as to when Snyder will begin production on his forthcoming project, or when it will be formally released in theatres. However, Deadline does report how HBO may be given exclusive rights to air his adaptation of The Fountainhead, as the network has already partnered with Snyder for his upcoming Watchmen television series. 

The Fountainhead tells the story of architect Howard Roark, and his quest to overcome an establishment group who are looking to sabotage his creativity in a battle against collectivism. The novel has been adapted for the screen in 1949, and as recently as 2011,