Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx were in Toronto two months ago to premiere their upcoming film Just Mercy that's set to hit theaters everywhere later this month. The film is based on a true story that follows Harvard-educated lawyer Bryan Stevenson (played by Michael) who heads to Yellowhammer State to help Walter McMillian (Jamie) get off after he was wrongfully accused of murdering a white woman. 

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The new trailer for the film is just as emotional and hard-hitting as the first as it showcases the feelings Walter's family endured as their father was sentenced to the electric chair. The under two-minute clip also shows the determination Bryan had in the case, promising not to give up until Walter was a free man. "I think we can build a case strong enough to bring him home," Michael's character says in the trailer. "And I'm not going to stop until I've done that."

"What appealed most was being able to share Bryan’s inspiring story and shed light on those affected by the inequities and implications of our current criminal justice system," Michael said when discussing why this role was important to him. "It’s easy to ignore statistics; it’s harder when you put a human face to it. I hope that giving more context to something that’s been happening for such a long time and understanding that it’s still happening will give people a sense of appreciation for the freedom that we have, but also motivate them to demand answers for the injustices that are continually happening today."