Jussie Smollett's case is still a very big topic since the actor is dealing with court dates surrounding the possible staging of a racist homophobic attack to himself. The latest on the matter is the axing of a Drop The Mic episode Jussie was involved in since he made a reference to "bail." The Blast now reports that some nurses at the hospital where Jussie was treated have been fired for improperly looking at his file.

Chicago Police Department via Getty Images

A nurse at Northwestern Hospital told CBS Chicago that she was fired for accessing Jussie's files, but denies going at it in the wrong way, detailing how it was a misunderstanding. The unnamed nurse says she believes that a number of other nurses were fired for the same reason.

The woman plans on appealing her dismissal and says the ordeal is revolved around staff simply scrolling past Jussie's name while looking for other files. The hospital isn't able to comment on the status of the employees.

Queen Latifah recently commented on Jussie's case and said she stands by him until she has all the proof in the world that it was really staged. 

"The guy I’ve seen has always been someone who cares about people, who cares about others, and who’s very kind and who’s always been cool and sweet," she said. “And that’s just the guy I know. So until I can see some definitive proof — which I haven’t seen yet — then, you know, I gotta go with him until I see otherwise.”