While Juicy J announced recently that his Taylor Gang debut Stay Trippywould be dropping July 2nd, that date may not be set in stone. Juicy revealed in an interview with Karmaloop that his album may be pushed back for one more advance single, as well as shedding some light on the upcoming Taylor Gang collaborative album, and the sonic similarties between his and Rihanna's recent singles.

Juicy explained that his label had one single in mind that they would like to pick up steam before the album drops. "It's supposed to drop in July but the label wanted to push it back because we've got another single, and they wanted to let the single grow because they think the song is very very super hot."

Even J could not deny the quality of the track. "I think the song is hot myself but I'm not gonna call a song a hit until it's a hit." he said, revealing that it's "coming soon", and will definitely be a similar feel to "Bandz A Make Her Dance," clarifying, "everything I drop is gonna be club bangers."

On the many features the rapper has gathered for the project, the Three 6 Mafia emcee stressed that the songs came together organically, and in bulk. "I got over 75 songs recorded, so I just recorded a bunch of songs with a lot of different people." he said.

Juicy spared some information on the upcoming Taylor Gang album, announcing the project was complete. "We are done with that, we've done like 80 records on that too," adding "that album is incredible."

The Memphis rapper also commented on the similarities between his track "Bandz A Make Her Dance", and Rihanna's "Pour It Up" which J appears on the remix of and shares the same producer (Mike WiLL Made It). Juicy didn't deny the resemblance, but was not bothered by it either. "They sound a little bit alike," adding, "but it's basically all good, it just keeps the club popping. You play my song and you play her song and you can mix them both together."

The trippy emcee the revealed plans to film a video for the remix. "The remix is sick I think we're gonna shoot a video today," he said, singing praises for RiRi. "Shoutout to Rihanna for reaching out and putting me on that song," he said. "'cause I love her song. I love a lot of Rihanna's music. She's super talented."

Watch the full interview below.