Juice WRLD has done a great job of legitimizing his stock as a rapper by proving himself dexterous in the booth. The last few cyphers, including an hour long session in London with Tim Westwood have effectively defused rumors he was bit-part rapper at best. His ascent in the rap game has been generally well received, but fans giving him the cursory look were quick to dismiss his act as ephemeral or too "emo."

His latest freestyle sesh with The L.A. Leakers: Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk on Los Angeles radio, shines the light on his brashly confident side, one that counteracts with the weariness of his breakout records. So rather than paint him as bored or dissident, lets give him a chance to pinpoint his own model of "exigence."

Juice WRLD dips into his consciousness at an alarmingly fast rate with lines like: 

"Off the dome, don’t write it
These other rappers write it
They probably got writers
My flow’s so exciting
Like the Buddha, it’s enlightening
I’m feeling so entitled
I can swear on your bitch titties, same as the bible."

Putting his thoughts into writing doesn't them justice in the context of how they sound over the beat. Check out Freestyle #050, his peace offering to the world of hard line rap fans.