New court transcripts from Meek Mill's court hearing bear some information that will give Meek's case a few setbacks. According to TMZ, the case that Meek's lawyer was running on - that Judge Genece Brinkley was urging Meek to fire Roc Nation to hire her friend Charlie Mack - has no backing.

Apparently, it was not Genece who was looking to bank off Meek, but rather his probation officer. The court transcripts prove that the officer was arguing that Charlie is a better fit for Meek, adding "What I like about Charlie, he is not invested in Meek Mills. He is invested in Robert Williams [Meek's real name]." 

Contrary to what has been reported on, Judge Genece wants to distance herself from Meek's management team.  "I don't want the record to suggest who your management is or is not," she said in the transcripts. 

Meek's lawyer was trying to get the rapper out of his two to four-year prison sentence on the idea that the judge was too involved in his management issues since she and Charlie were allegedly friends. Now that court transcripts prove another wise, things will be very different. 

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