For the first time in their career, the City Girls appeared on the Rolling Loud stage together. Quality Control Music's hitmaking Florida artists appeared at Rolling Loud Miami today (July 23), and they delivered renditions of some of their favorite tracks to a screaming audience. During their performance, the ladies showed off their dance skills and even allowed their good friend Saucy Santana to have a moment as he performed his viral track, "Walk," a song that is allegedly a diss track about his online foe, Rolling Ray.

A video of Santana's performance quickly went viral after JT was seen in the clip approaching him before taking the mic. Soon, social media users accused the City Girls rapper of "snatching" the microphone away from her friend, but she clarified what happened.

"No I was rushed to get my mic back from DJ because our set was getting cut don’t do that I would never I gave him my mic too perform & was excited STOP," JT told a Twitter user. She added, "Happy for you they was too excited to see you @SaucySantana_." After Santana's Instagram profile was mysteriously deleted, it only intensified the controversy.

Check out the Rolling Loud Miami moment below along with a few reactions.