Despite being some what amicable these days, Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J are moving forward with their child support and custody case over their little girl Bonnie, and it turns out things will be decided in court come this Spring according to Bossip.

A judge announced earlier in the month that the two would head to trial on May 21st and instead of being evaluated by a jury, it would be a bench trial where the judge will make a final decision on their daughter’s custody.

Moses Robinson/ Getty Images

This all started last year when Stevie reportedly sued Joseline for custody of the toddler, arguing that she’d cut him out of her life and was in Miami with another guy. He argued that he was more mentally and financially capable of caring for their daughter Bonnie, and asked the judge to force Joseline to pay him child support. However, Joseline has since denied keeping Bonnie away from Stevie and said she was doing the best she could to raise their little girl.

Recently, the judge ordered that a child advocate, or “guardian ad litem,” participate in the case, and is supposed to evaluate both Stevie and Joseline’s ability to parent and report her findings to the judge. As of now, Joseline has primary custody of the girl so that she can continue to attend school in Miami, but Stevie doesn’t have to pay her child support.