Jorja Smith’s thrust into the spotlight first came at the hands of Drake when the singer made an appearance on his More Life by way of the “Jorja Interlude” and “Get It Together” tracks. Naturally, rumors would soon swirl around a possible romance between the two collaborators.

While nothing really materialized from the speculation, the rumor mill continued to spin as fans attached Drake’s “11” tattoo to the singer in honor of her birthday, which falls on June 11th.

In a recent talk with SSENSE, the topic came up on the chopping block and the young singer was quick to dismiss the claims.

“No, that’s definitely not true,” she told writer Nazanin Shahnava. “If he has, I haven’t seen it. I’m sure if he had a tattoo of me it would be on the internet somewhere.”

While the “11” tattoo is what is attributed to the Lost & Found singer, she also made reference to speculation that Drake’s tattoo of Sade is modeled after her likeness. “Look it’s Sade, although it could be me right now with this net around my hair.”

During the conversation, Smith did admit to being love, but no signs of Champagne Papi being in the picture.

“We’ve been together for almost a year now. His name is Joel [Compass], we wrote “The One” from my album,” she revealed. “I posted a picture of him with the lyrics and everyone was like “Fuck him!” I probably shouldn’t have tagged him in it, I’m never posting a picture of him again.”

In that same stride, the singer notably began the interview acknowledging how much her life has changed as her privacy fades and with that comes the unsolicited comments.

“Everyone wants to know what you’re doing. Everyone already knows what you’re doing. Everyone has an opinion on what you’re doing,” says Smith. “Did you see the photo I posted in the red dress and everyone commented that I look pregnant? I get it, I don’t have the flattest tummy. What I don’t understand is why people would choose to spend three minutes of their day making someone else feel like shit. I try not to pay too much attention to it because you can get really sad and it’s not real, none of it is real.