Jordyn Woods reminded all of us just how far back she and Jaden Smith go in an endearing post for the artist's 22nd birthday. It's widely known that the Woods family and the Smith family go way back, ever since Jordyn's late father, John Woods, worked with Will Smith on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Jordyn and her siblings have been tight with the Smith kids ever since they were babies, and this adorable throwback photo of Jordyn and Jaden from their childhood is solid proof of their long-lasting bond.

Jordyn shared the heartwarming photo on July 8th—Jaden's birthday—along with a sweet caption for her honorary bro. "22 years!!! Happy Birthday to my brother for lifeeeee @c.syresmith." In the vintage shot, Jaden and Jordyn are smiling wide as they ride around in their red and yellow Cozy Coupe car. If we didn't know any better, we might think these two were blood-related considering how much they looked alike as kids!

Will also shared a birthday post for Jaden on Instagram, in which he's zoomed in on Jaden's zoned-out, concerned expression while he speaks enthusiastically. "Happy Birthday, J-Diggy!" he wrote. "You were clearly questioning my parenting abilities in this pic. Whatever I was trying to get you to do must’ve turned out okay. Hahahahaha I Love You, Man."