When you think of Jordan Peele's new horror movie, Us, you probably don't think of The Proud Family Movie. Luckily Someone did. A graphic designer from Toronto named Jose Anaya, was watching ad rewatching the trailer for Us when, all of a sudden he connected the dots: "I'm a big fan and I probably watched the trailer for Us about a dozen times before it clicked in my head that it felt like The Proud Family Movie." Watch the trailer for Us and an excerpt from The Proud Family Movie and see if you can spot any similarities:

Not exactly the most similar other than the fact that there are two families. The remixed version, with the audio of Us and the images of The Proud Family, makes perfect sense when you see everything all mashed together:

The video eventually came to the attention of Peele himself, who shared it on Twitter. Anaya told Buzzfeed: "overall I'm just glad so many people enjoyed the video. I was blown away when I saw that Jordan Peele himself liked it and I really appreciated that he took the time to find the original link to my YouTube video and post it."