Jordan Peele is no rookie when it comes to making cameos in his own award-winning films. In 2017's Get Out Jordan showcased his dying animal voice that was heard from the deer found in the woods by Chris Washington, played by Daniel Kaluuya. As for his latest box-office dominating movie, Us, Jordan revealed to Fandango that he's the voice of a dying rabbit. 

"I've made cameos in both of my films," Jordan told the interviewer after she asked him if he would place himself in his movies. "Mhmm, in Get Out I was the voice of the deer," Jordan added, acting out the voice, as for Us: "I am a dying rabbit," he added, showcasing his acting voice. 

As posted earlier, Us absolutley dominated the box office this weekend for the film's opening. The Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke lead film pulled in $70.2 million by Saturday. In comparison, Get Out earned $33.3 million during its two day opening weekend.

“Simply put, Jordan Peele is a genius, and we’re thrilled he put his signature touch to the genre,” stated Universal domestic distribution boss Jim Orr. “Folks come out of the movie and they have to talk about. It’s really a topic of conversation, how people are interpreting the movie. That’s a great sign for legs.”