Jordan Peele's box office hit, Get Out, continues the hype nearly 10 months after the film hit theatres. The thriller recently made headlines for being submitted as a comedy to the Golden Globes leaving many fans shocked. LilRel Howery, who plays Rod in the film, asked his Twitter followers if the motive behind the film was "that unrealistic."

In a new video created by Vanity Fair, Jordan openly discusses all the theories that fans have put together via Reddit. From the simple moves of not mixing fruit loops with milk, guests arriving at the family house in black cars to the reasons why the film pointed out the leads smoking habit. 

"Anyone else like how in the beginning Rose said that her dad won't chase Chris out of the house with a shotgun, but in the end she did," Jordan reads from a Reddit user. "Yeah, so that was definitely on purpose. I almost had Chris say the line "imma get chased off the lawn with a rifle" but then no one says that. I had to make it [a] shotgun. I'm glad you got that."

Watch the full fan theory reveals in the video below. Do you guys have any theories about the film that weren't touched on?