Joey Bada$$ has been widely regarded as a top tier lyricist, with particular consideration to his age group. Still, the twenty-three-year-old rapper has been relatively quiet of late, despite occasionally teasing forays into Beast Coast album territory. It's been a minute since fans have received a full-fledged album from Joey, with 2017's All Amerikkkan Bada$$ being his last solo offering. In the interim, he's been certainly keeping busy, setting his sights on alternative revenue venues. Apparently, the chase has become something of an addiction for young Badmon, who appears to have taken on a new set of aspirations. 

"My last album was my last album. I’m a CEO now," he writes in an Instagram post. Of course, this could very well be an elaborate ruse, a reverse-psychology approach to album promotion. It could also be one of those jokes that, while not entirely true, remains driven by some foundational element of authenticity. After all, money talks, and we've long understood the business types quietly amassing the true fortunes behind the scenes.

Of course, fans were quick to meet Joey's comment with disbelief, and seem likely to hold out hope for an imminent return. A "can't-leave-rap-alone-the-game-needs-me" type situation. Either way, we'll likely have to wait a while to see the scope of Joey's "retirement."