Joey Bada$$' Amerikkkana Tour wrapped up in the end of May in Montreal. If you thought the road life for rappers solely consisted of debauchery, think again. Joey moves a little differently, as you might have guessed. His contrarian stance to many things embedded in the culture continues to be a linchpin of his career to date. Joey's tour regimen consists of spiking mocktails, taking the boys go-karting and things of the like. You know, regular shenanigans.

"THE AMERIKKKANA TOUR (Erasode 5)" released puts his daily dealings into perspective. Joey doesn't mind giving his fans access, although it's up them to decide how deep they want to venture. Sometimes the myth is more appealing than a look inside. Then again I've been drawn to relative mundanity, myself, like when I watch reality television for a cheap laugh.

At the 2 minute mark, Joey and his team engage in a heated Nintendo Switch 4-way duel. After coming out on top, Joey fixes his eyes on the camera and directs his speech at Logic, with whom he wants a Mario Kart 8 rematch, in reference to heartbreaking loss he must have suffered in online play. Boogie and Buddy, who were also part of the densely packed tour, also feature in the video recap.

Check it out.