Who can forget 2016? In the eyes of many, this is the year humanity peaked. Once the Presidential election hit, it all went down from there. Regardless, the lead up to that catastrophic event had plenty of highlights, and Joe Budden was a large part of it all. In the midst of his beef with Drake, a bunch of random Drake fans pulled up to his home and recorded him. This eventually led to one of hip-hop's most hilarious moments, as Budden chased them down and even ran after their car with some rocks.

The kids in the original video were incredibly scared and it's clear that they regretted their actions. This was especially true when Joe went to the kid's home to speak with their parents. It's been four whole years since that incredible altercation, and today, Joe is celebrating the anniversary on his Instagram. 

"4 years ago today i chased a car down with rocks in my hand to have a talk with some enthusiastic Drake fans.... For those of you too young to know, i am a fucking internet legend and shall be respected as such. Toast to me. 😂 (and i caught the car, Chuck Norris WHO!?!)" Joe wrote.

Thankfully, Budden can laugh at himself a little bit, especially since the situation was so funny. Sometimes it's good to look back fondly on some of your wildest moments.