Remember last year, when Consequence took a cheap shot at the back of Joe Budden's head on VH1's Love & Hip-Hop reunion? Well, not much has been heard about that incident since, and that's because it may not have been that serious after all. The two rappers ran into each other a NY gentlemens club the other night and have apparently squashed their beef.

In an exclusive chat with Hip-Hop Wired, Consequence said he and Joey ran into each other Starlets Gentlemens club in Queens, New York and they both took the mature route to let bygones be bygones. Cons tells HHW,

"What a difference a year makes. The feud is simply over. We mutually squashed it all at Starlets. It was an impromptu encounter and it did start with a stare down, but we concluded it with a man to man talk. Nothing but 'G Sh*t!"

The "Starlets" that Cons is referring to is Starlets Gentlemen's Club, located in Queens, NY. It seems to be the place for peace nowadays.

Now don't expect the two to jump on a song together anytime soon, but Cons didn't rule it out for the future either. Both artists have been working on their upcoming solo projects and should hopefully be out later this year.

Check out a pic of the two artists in the club in the gallery above. And for the hell of it, I threw in the entertaining confrontation the two had while on the Hot 97 set. Classic.

You think the fight could've been for tv purposes? Or was it real beef?