JMSN has slowly been increasing his fan-base this past year, firstly, by releasing a debut album Priscilla which he then put out free, and secondly, by appearing on records with some big name rappers, like Kendrick Lamar and Game.

JMSN has also been working closely with another TDE spitter, Ab-Soul. The two formed such great chemistry that they are releasing a joint album come February. Not much has been revealed about the record, other than the title and one single, "You're Gone." However, JMSN was recently profiled by Complex, and shed some light on how he initially hooked up with the Black Hippy crew, and specifically, working with Ab-Soul.

The first time we heard the two collaborate on a record was Ab-Soul's "Nibiru" which JMSN explains was his record originally. "I had all these beats that I had been working on. 'Nibiru' started out as just a JMSN song and I had been putting vocals on it. And then I was like, I'm not really feeling what I was doing. I showed it to Ab and he was like, 'Oh shit. Well, let me do this.' And he knocked that shit out in like fucking 20 minutes. It came out so great I was like, 'Shit, let's do another.' [Laughs.]"

JMSN reveals that the LP consists of 12 tracks, which he is anxious for people to hear, however, the two are trying to keep things on the down-low til the album drops.

"The album is 12 tracks. There's this one...I don't even know if I should say the title because it might give away too much. I feel like I'm under a microscope because when MixedByAli was mixing the first single I posted a photo of it on Instagram like, 'Unit 6 coming.' And then Ab hit me up like, 'Dude, why did you say Unit 6? I didn't want to give away the album title.' I was like, 'Oh shit, I didn't even know we didn't give it away yet.'"

JMSN says that his experimental sound, which Ab-Soul is also known for, is not lost on Unit 6. "We definitely are experimenting with other elements musically, but It's still my style of production. It's dark and moody, and there's a lot of horns and reverbed out shit. You'll see when you hear it. It's got that JMSN production on it."

Unit 6 will be solely an Ab-Soul & JMSN project-- no features to be found on the album, JMSN reveals. "There are no features. We made it a point not to get features and have it stand on its own. With TDE, they wanted to put Kendrick and ScHoolboy Q on it which is cool, but they weren't part of the process so it doesn't make sense to just throw them in there."

JMSN also reveals he has an upcoming collaboration on Tyga's Hotel California LP, as well as stuff in the works with Freddie Gibbs, so be on the look out for both.