While Jim Jones has been in the headlines over his ongoing feud with 50, the rapper happens to have some heat in the stash. XXL spoke with the Dipset rapper about a variety of topics, including who he can't beat at 1-on-1 basketball, the Dipset reunion, and once again making music with his brothers. 

He revealed that the group will be recommencing work on the reunion EP now that Juelz has returned home. "He just bailed out so we getting ready to resume recording again and finish up the project," says Jones, to XXL. "We got about 20 songs recorded. We wanna put like seven songs on the project. Pick the best seven out of all the songs that we record." While they're currently focused on delivering a razor-focused EP, it would appear that's merely the warm up to the album. "It will be Diplomatic Immunity... DI-3," says Jones, teasing the final chapter of the trilogy.

It's also interesting to hear him discuss how the reunion came about. Rest assured, this is no attempt at reliving former glory, nor is it a desperate cash grab. It's simply friends doing what they love. "After the Spotify concert it was kinda evident that we should really make a run for this and do some Diplomatic Immunity, give the people what they've been asking for," explains Jones. "It just was all organic—that's how it all came about. Us performing, us being in the same circumference and feeling that good energy."

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