Jhené Aiko has been in the news recently for seemingly every reason except for her music. She started to tease a new mixtape filled with spontaneous freestyles that she's recorded but we've gotten no follow-up on that in months. Still, Aiko has made headlines because of speculated pregnancies, break-ups, and her periodic twerking on social media. The singer celebrated her birthday recently, having to shoot down rumors that she was having a baby just a day later. Today, Jhené took to her socials to share a photo of her gorgeous back tattoo, which covers her entire upper back.

The singer may not be releasing all that much new music these days but she's still finding ways to keep us interested. Jhené tied her hair up in a bun and showed off her back tattoo, which ends up connecting to the massive cover-up on her arm. "Her name is Chilombo," said the artist of the creature on her back. "Half dragon, half phoenix... and she's a fucking beast..."

Chilombo is Jhené's family name so the dragon-phoenix hybrid on her skin might be representative of the beast inside of her soul. Aiko shared the posts as part of her new cover with Basic Magazine, posing in some snazzy sunglasses and rocking a flowing dress in the feature.