Amidst rumors that Big Sean was experiencing the real life version of Pussycat Dolls hit single "Don't Cha," it would appear that his union with girlfriend Jhene Aiko remains unblemished. While hip-hop couples seem to be experiencing a trying time of late, perhaps the situations are seldom as dire as they seem. Something as simple as an Instagram unfollow does not guarantee the end of a relationship, and couples have one-day break-ups all the time. Suffice it to say, true love will always conquer all. Evidently, such is the case for Big Sean and Aiko, who were all smiles during Aiko's 30th birthday party.

While Aiko's arm literally features a smiling Big Sean, his real-life counterpart was in equally good spirits. Together, the pair hit up Aiko's "Dirty Thirty" bash, looking fit in a colorful and stylish ensemble. At one point, the couple took part in a spontaneous photo-shoot of sorts, with Big Sean channeling a young Morpheus circa 1999. If that isn't a confirmation of a secure union, what is? 

All things considered, Jhené Aiko's thirtieth bash seemed to be a family affair, and everybody appeared in excellent spirits. There's no word on whether or not the pair have any musical endeavors forthcoming, but all things considered, it's nice to see some thriving romance in the game. Check out the photographs below.