The death of songwriter LaShawn "Big Shiz" Daniels has shaken the entertainment industry. News began to circulate about the 41-year-old's tragic passing early Wednesday morning, and almost immediately those who knew and worked with the Grammy Award-winning musician shared their shock on social media.

LaShawn's wife April confirmed the news of his death on Instagram with a message that stated, "It is with deep profound sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved husband, father, family member, and friend LaShawn Daniels, who was the victim of a fatal car accident in South Carolina."

It seems that whenever someone unexpectedly dies it causes others to become reflective on their own mortality. Upon hearing the news about his friend LaShawn, Jermaine Dupri took a moment to share a few thoughts about reevaluating the relationships in his life and making sure the people around him know that he cares.

"Last week Tyrese called me from London and said JD I’m calling to check up on you, because I’ve been hearing your name a lot in the press and I just wanted to make sure you was cool and all the noise wasn’t driving you crazy," Dupri wrote on Instagram. Tyrese may have been referencing the controversy over whether or not Jay Z dissuaded him from taking an NFL deal. "So I start trying to figure out what has he herd that would make him make this call, long story short, tonight when we got the sad news about LaShawn Daniels, I overheard B cox on the phone saying, you never know, the people you f*ck wit, hit em up, check on em, even if they the strongest people you know."

It was something that resonated with Dupri and he couldn't help but connect the dots of his own life. "That hit really hard because that’s what tyrese said to me, I know you strong and be holding sh*t down, me too lol but sometimes I need to feel the love, I wasn’t gonna say nothing about it and just keep it to my self but then I thought how often do I get these calls ? Hardly ever, so thank you @tyrese 🙏🏾 cause you never know." You never know.