Jeremih is preparing to drop his long-awaited follow up to 2010's All About You in September. The album, formerly called Thumpy Johnson, has received a title change two months prior to its release. The r'n'b singer has decided to connect the title to his last mixtape Late Nights, by calling his third studio album Late Nights: The Album.

Speaking to XXL Magazine, the singer explained why he parted ways with the Thumpy Johnson title. "The last body of work I put out was Late Nights," Jeremih said. "I still feel like how I was feeling when I recorded that. I was traveling, up late nights, recording all the time. It just felt like every record was catering to… I imagined if it was a big bed in the club, everybody would be in one big ass orgy off of all the songs [on the LP]. My first two albums I was making sad songs. I don’t feel like that no more. I was in a relationship then. I’m single as hell right now. You’re getting the best of my last single years."

Jeremih will be dropping hisNot On My Album mixtape on August 4th, following which Late Nights: The Album will drop on September 30th.

[via XXL]