Jennifer Lopez has probably had her fair share of crazy paparazzi interactions over her life for simply being J Lo from the block. She's handled her past interactions pretty well, but when it comes to her family Jennifer doesn't play. The latest video of Jennifer sees her with her mother Guadalupe Rodriguez outside Sirius Radio in New York and when the paps jump on her for autographs, her mom gets the bad end of the stick. 

In the clip, you can see Guadalupe try to stay next to her daughter on their way into the building but gets clocked in the head but an unsuspecting elbow. Jennifer grabs hold of her mom and simply shakes her head at the paparazzi. 

“I really feel like I play so fair with the media all the time and I’m super gracious with everybody and all I ask is them to stay away from my kids and that one little— like when I got home, just let me go home. It’s disrespectful. I don’t want people around my kids like that, in that way," Jennifer previously stated about the paparazzi on her tail when she goes home. 

Watch the recent clip below.